Unable to connect two FP3 Android 9 phones anymore by Bluetooth

We have two FP3 phones with Android 9. Initially we managed to pair and transfer data between our two phones by Bluetooth without an issue. However, we have unable to pair the two FP3 phones recently. To be more specific, when we turn on Bluetooth, we can ‘see’ the other device but when one presses the ‘connect’ button, they simply refuse to connect irrespective of which device issues the connection request. A previously connected Bluetooth headset can be connected successfully and is working, so this is a purely an issue of connecting the two FP3 devices. The only significant change since we initially paired the two devices is that an Android 9 update was installed. Could this be the reason or is there another reasson? and does anybody have any idea how I could fix this Bluetooth connection issue? Thanks

Have you tried sending (= sharing via Bluetooth) files without pairing? See https://www.lifewire.com/bluetooth-file-transfer-4147725

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Looks like a misunderstanding on my part with this new Android version i.e. pairing only needs to be done once for previously connected devices i.e. files can be shared via Bluetooth through the desired app, which then immediately transfers the data between the two devices assuming Bluetooth is turned on both devices.

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I have the same problem. I cannot connect the FP3 to my hands-free car kit if it was previously connected. The previous connection must first be removed, then a new connection can be activated.
The sound from the speakerphone is so bad that I cannot recognize my wife’s voice.
The sound of my five previous phones using the hands-free car kit was much better.