Unable to connect to network

I have my fairphone since July 2016. Since a new weeks I have experienced prblems connecting to my provider network. It started with occasionally no network, but the problems worsened: since 2 weeks I have no network at all.Cannot call, text message nor use the internet. I went to my provider, tried a new simcard and did all the necessary steps to get the network started, but the problem is really the phone. I think it’s a mechanical problem, since it started occasionally and now the phone has completely stopped connecting to networks.
Anyone experienced the same problem?

Yes, I had the same issue with my FP2, but from the beginning (dead on arrival). I just got the German message “Kein Dienst”, which should mean “No service” in the Englisch message, even if it showed the name of the provider correctly. I tried 5 different SIMs from 2 service providers with no difference.
I think you can find more people who had a broken provider connection, if you use the search function of this forum.

But to get a working phone as fast as possible you can contact FP support and open a ticket. To get a faster support (support still has some delay) you can also call them after opening a ticket, as this should be a prioritised ticket, because you can’t use your phone for the main task of it and it maybe has to be sent in to Fairphone, as mine had to be.

My FP2 then was replaced, because it wasn’t easy to locate the reason for this clearly (antenna or systemboard). The service staff said, Fairphone will send my broken FP2 to the manufacturer to get it fixed there, if I remember correctly.

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