Unable to connect Fairphone earplugs after call has started

I am unable to connect Fairphone earplugs after a (WhatsApp) call has started. I am unable to enable Bluetooth, the screen gets black and normal again and again, and I actually can’t do anything, not even open the screenlock. This just happens after I have answered a call, meaning that I always have to call back, but first enable Bluetooth, connect the earplugs…

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Which phone are you using?

Thanks, I am using Fairphone 4

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Do you try to pull down the menu to enable BT?


Oh, thanks, that sounds likely, I will tr that! Thanks again!

Ok, tried for a tjme, but thst did not help. It seems to be that a WhatsApp call blocks everything, no matter what I want to dk, I am not able to “reopen” the phone, cause the screen locks, even if I was working with my phone, hence no screen lock. So the problem seems to be the following :

  1. When a WhatsApp call appears, the screen got locked, no matter what
  2. I am not able to unlock the screen lock (neither by code nor fingertip)
  3. If I touch the reopen sensor in the middle right side, The screen is flashing black - screenlock - black - screenlock.
  4. So it is not only impossible to connect earbugs, everything is impossible.
    (and yes, I hate WhatsApp due to Meta/privacy policy, but unfortunately some important friends insist :pensive:)

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