Unable to access the internet / Any finnish users?

I got my fairphone a couple of days ago, but haven’t gotten around to trying to solve this problem until now.
I can’t access the internet through my webbrowser, even though the blue icon at the top of the window says I should be connected to 3G. I’ve checked with my internet provider that I have a mobile internet contract (I used to have an old iphone 3, so I updated the speed), and I’ve turned the phone off and on after recieving the supposed new bandwidth. When I 'm under System settings, my 3G network can be found both automatically and manually, so I haven’t bothered asking my provider about it.
A weird thing is also that under “data usage”, it says that I’ve used 136 kB, even though I can’t access 3G in any way, through email, apps or whatever. I haven’t tried accessing it through wifi yet, since I don’t have it at home.

And yes, my operator is Saunalahti. If there’s anyone who could help me out, I’d be most grateful :blush:

Have you tried checking the APN settings for your network provider?

You can access these by going to Settings > More > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names

Then check that you have an APN enabled (it’ll have a blue dot next to it) and that the settings are the ones you need. You’ll have to check with your network provider for uptodate settings


I actually got it working like 2 minutes ago from doing exactly that :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry for the unnecessary post, it just sounded way too technical for me so I didn’t dare to try it at first but it wasn’t tricky at all :slight_smile: Thanks for the help anyways!


Even though the latest Fairphone SW now supports the Finnish language, the settings for certain operators’ Internet Access Points still seem to be missing. In my case the settings for Elisa/Saunalahti. It only has the WAP and MMS Access Points included, and so the Fairphone cannot connect to the internet when using those operators’ SIM cards / 3G networks.

There was a thread about this topic already, but unfortunately it was closed by the moderator, so I cannot add this post to that discussion ( Unable to access the internet / Any finnish users? ). I found that the answers given in that post were not 100% helpful, as it did not help me to solve this issue (living in Finland with a Fairphone 2nd edition running Cherry 1.6).

To help other users with this same problem, here the direct link to the operator’s settings page for Android phones:

http://asiakastuki.saunalahti.fi/ohje/196/ (pick the section which says “Android 4.0.3 / 4.0.4 / 4.1.2 / 4.2.2”)

I hope this information helps other Finnish Fairphone users experiencing similar internet access problems. I don’t know if the latest SW includes the settings for Sonera/TeleFinland/DNA.