UK Research Institution Covid App incompatible with FP2?

A London research hospital has deployed a Covid tracking app to help their research. I went to install it, but the playstore says it’s incompatible with the Fairphone 2??

It just asks a few questions about health and I cannot imagine why this would be too difficult for an fp2.

I’m running the latest version of the open OS with open gapps nano. I’ve never seen this error before.

Any insight would be appreciated.

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There is a somewhat similar thread already about why certain apps are labeled as “not compatible”

The thing is, there is no reason shown what causes the incompatibility. As a normal user I think it’s impossible to find out.
If only Google would be more specific about that…

P.S.: maybe you could rate the app with 1 star and a comment that it’s incompatible with your device and see if the company responds

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I just installed it through Aurora Store, and it works. It installs fine, but it can’t quite get through the signup process, not responding when pressing ‘Create account’ at the ‘Optional contact information’ step. Once you hit that wall, you can just press back a couple of times and then sign in with the email address and password you provided. It then starts asking questions about your symptom status, which I won’t try answering because it would presumably screw up the data, with me not being in the UK.

As you won’t be able to find the app with the search function, the steps to installing the COVID app are:

  1. Install Aurora Store. You can sign in with your Google account, or with an anonymous account as provided by Aurora.
  2. Open the Play Store link to the COVID app on your FP2, your phone will ask you how you want to open the link.
  3. Choose Aurora Store and install the app.

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