UK plug pin snapped off, FP3

The top pin on the plug of my charger snapped off in the socket, I’m guessing because it’s made of hollow plastic?
I’m now using my old iPhone adaptor but wondered if anyone’s had this happen!

The pin at the top is the ground pin. Given most phone chargers (including the EU version of the FP3 charger) are not grounded, it should not cause any harm - as long as you don’t try to insert a plug with a missing top pin upside down.

In any case, your phone is probably still covered by warranty, so I suggest that you contact Fairphone Support to see if you can get it exchanged, as this should not happen. See also #contactsupport.


For UK plugs it very much is a problem. The top ground pin is required to be able to open the shutters for the live and neutral pins to be able to go into the plug.


Yes I noticed that! What a conundrum.

Just shove a bit of wood in there, like French people do to force French chargers into British sockets. An (insulated) screwdriver also works.

(This is a joke – don’t do that. I would never do such a thing. Well, except when I need to recharge my phone. Do I have to repeat that this is a joke?)


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