UBports: Live porting session of Halium on FP2

The UBports team is showing live how to port Halium 7.1 (based on LineageOS 14) and Ubuntu Touch on the Fairphone2 ! :smiley:

How to port #UbuntuTouch to your device:

Live Porting - Learn to port Ubuntu Touch to your device
In this live workshop we’ll work on porting Ubuntu Touch to a device with an official build of LineageOS 14.1, the Fairphone 2. Success is not guaranteed, but the content will be informative to anyone looking to port Ubuntu Touch to a device of their own.

Currently only Halium 5.1 is available for FP2. With 7.1 they hope solving bugs related to the new hardware like screen or new camera.


I asked in Q&A 44 if Halium 7.1 image is available somewhere for us to test; and the answer is at minute 54:45 : no, it is not ready for testing : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=md5tcnhqckI&t=3287

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