UBports: Live porting session of Halium on FP2

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The UBports team is showing live how to port Halium 7.1 (based on LineageOS 14) and Ubuntu Touch on the Fairphone2 ! :smiley:

How to port #UbuntuTouch to your device:

Live Porting - Learn to port Ubuntu Touch to your device
In this live workshop we’ll work on porting Ubuntu Touch to a device with an official build of LineageOS 14.1, the Fairphone 2. Success is not guaranteed, but the content will be informative to anyone looking to port Ubuntu Touch to a device of their own.

Currently only Halium 5.1 is available for FP2. With 7.1 they hope solving bugs related to the new hardware like screen or new camera.

UBPorts 16.04 updates + feature tests
Sailfish OS beta4 release
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I asked in Q&A 44 if Halium 7.1 image is available somewhere for us to test; and the answer is at minute 54:45 : no, it is not ready for testing : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=md5tcnhqckI&t=3287