Uber on fairphone open

Hi, I’ve got fairphone open, and the uber app doesn’t work. I’m currently in a country where this is the only relevant way to take a taxi, so I’d really appreciate a way to fix it. There’s a small text on Google services (I don’t have Google stuff on my phone) and some unresponsive fans. Is this app so deeply entrenched with Google that there is no hope?

… Levels from 3 on should be especially of interest.

You might try using the webapp first, https://m.uber.com
I don’t know for sure, but it probably offers you to be installed as if it was an app if you use a modern browser (Firefox/Fennec F-Droid, Brave, Chromium, etc). It should create an icon in you application launcher and doesn’t require any Gobble in your system.

P.S.: It’s lighter and faster.


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