TWS Right earbud change - connection-challenge

Hi, Everyone! It is lovely to see how active you guys are, I follow silently the discussions. So, in noise cancellation mode my right earbud gives out a weird noise. I ordered a new one. Now I have it but it doesn’t connect with the left one to the phone, it doesn’t matter if the other right earbud is clos by or not. What do you think I should do? Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance. You guys are amazing. :pray::sunny::seedling:

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From the “not very specific, but doesn’t hurt” category :wink: … you might want to give just resetting the earbuds a try (this is different from just re-pairing in the phone settings), see the Pairing | Unpair paragraph here in the middle:


Yes, thank you. I just did that & it worked. Thanks for your kind care. :pray::sunny:


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