TWS FP earbuds: protection grid lost

Hello there!

A few days ago, after cleaning my right TWS eardbud, i noticed that the glue that holds in place the “grid” at the end of the audio output “tube” did not stick much anymore

Today, I noticed that I lost that grid. Audio seems similar when using them. But I wondered if:

  • not having this grid could lead to damaging the hardware that is supposed to be behind it?
  • there is any available product that I can use to replace this grid (or both) since FP doesn’t sell them?

I know that this is not contact support, but I thought that maybe some people could have answers or ideas

Thank you!

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Two comments:

  • I’m using my left earbud like this (i.e. “open”) for at least six months, and no visible or audible sign of it working worse than the intact right one. I’ve made it a habit to strongly blow into it once or twice after each use, before putting the earbuds back into the case (I never keep them out of the case if not in use).

  • Apparently @paloma has found fitting replacement mesh (grid).


Thank you for your feedback!
That’s reassuring.
I messaged @paloma, thank you!

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