TWS Earbuds: How to Keep Them Partially Charged?

Hi Everyone!

I feel bad having the earbuds’ Li-ion cells at 100% all the time. I’d like to keep them around the usual 40-80% - how can I do this?

Is there a way to turn them off / stop them from trying to pair while they’re out of the charging case? Can I just put them in a pouch or drawer and assume they’ll power down after a time?

Many thanks!

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So I’ll partially answer my own question for anyone that’s interested:

If you turn Bluetooth off on your phone and put the earphones down so that nothing’s up against the proximity sensors, they’ll go into what is presumably a low-power state after 4-5 minutes.

This is characterised by the LEDs on the right earphone no longer blinking (i.e. it stops trying to pair with anything).

To power them back up, put them in (or trigger the proximity sensors) and long press (~2 s) the capacitive touch pad on each earpiece. You’ll hear “power on” being announced in the given earpiece. You can power on just one if you like.

The fact that the earphones still respond to touch and proximity clearly means that they’re not powered down, but at least they don’t appear to be trying to pair with a source or each other in this state.

There’s still the question of whether they’re draining symmetrically when in this sleep mode.

In any case, at least this way I don’t have to top them up from ninety-something percent every time I put them down.

I might write up a more detailed review at some point, but for now I’ll just say that I rate their comfort at 2/10 and sound quality (compared to real in-ear earphones) at 3/10. I’d never used TWS earphones before, I now realise that a quality DAC and decent wired earphones are definitely the way to go.


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