TWRP not working on updated FP2 Display

Hi folks,

I unfortunately broke my FP2’s display. I bought a new one from the FP shop which should be an updated version.
FP OS 17.08.X and 17.09.03 work fine with that display. However, TWRP 3.1.X does not. Instead of showing the unlock screen for my encrypted data, it shows a blue screen. Adb works, but is very slow. After a few seconds it restarts…
I assume that is an issue with TWRP. Does this issue exist even with the FP’s own TWRP?
Can someone provide me with a download link for the FP’s TWRP?



The manual installation files for Fairphone Open OS contain images of the TWRP recovery. At the time of writing the latest version is this one. IIRC you can do fastboot boot recovery.img to see whether the Fairphone TWRP has the same problem without flashing the image.

If you want to use the newest version of TWRP, I have a build hosted on my server: .


No, the FP TWRP does not have the same problem. Unfortunately, it is still the old version (3.0.2), which does not support decrypting the data partition.

Yeah! I can confirm that your version works as expected. :slight_smile:

It’s not about the TWRP version but about how it was built and which files are included (which they are in mine = the official TWRP build).

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Are you going to upstream your changes to TWRP or are they already upstreamed and awaiting the next release?

The kernel changes not yet, and the rest is already upstream. The TWRP people are a bit unresponsive to be fair, so getting in contact could take a bit of “work” :smiley:

Can you pls give a little insight what this is about? :slight_smile: I’m curious.

I’m only concerned about the TWRP version, because since TWRP 3.1 it supports opening encrypted data partitions. :wink:

Kernel changes are mostly support for the new displays. I just got back an answer from a TWRP maintainer on IRC and he said that I should email him. Hopefully this will be quick.
And the GitHub repositories are:✓&q=fairphone&type=&language=

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Ah. Ic. Thanks for sharing that information.
I’ll keep my fingers crossed. :wink:

@z3ntu Do you have any news when a new TWRP release fixing that issue will be released?

I’ve just written an email so hopefully soon^TM? :smiley:

It’s out. Version 3.1.1-1 :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! Thanks. :slight_smile: