TWRP installable stock firmware packages for Fairphone 3

Hey, I don’t suppose you have a TWRP installable stock firmware packages for A0111?

Could you please clarify which functionality would be lost by not mounting system read-only (e. g. to install F-Droid Privileged) and which steps would be necessary to get it back?

The point of mounting system read only is to keep it from being modified.
If you want to do modifications to it (such as installing F-Droid Privileged), you’ll have to mount it rw (Or the installer will do that automatically regardless of the setting).
Modifications will make incremental OTAs fail, and for some reason Fairphone still doesn’t appear to provide full OTAs.
You can backup and restore “System Image” before doing modifications.

Is there any benefit in installing f-droid privileges? You can give the right to install apks individually to apps that ask for it.

This does only affect Fairphone OS OTAs, right? So if I’m on /e/, I wouldn’t care, because I could restore system when going back to Fairphone OS!?
F-Droid Privileged can install updates without having to hit Update -> Install each time.

Hi, thanks for the good work, it’s good to get all these information.

I’ve been trying to revert my phone back to stock ROM after trying LOS16 and /e/, just to try them all (I did it right after I got my fairphone, so I did not try stock).

I manage to flash the ROM through fastboot or TWRP, and no matter the version, I get neither the OTA nor I can connect to the google server to set up google apps (It’s working fine on Lineage)

I guess this as someting to do with one of the flashable .img or a setting but I can’t pinpoint the issue here.

Has someone faced the same issue ?

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