TWRP for Fairphone 3

what filesystem is your external sd card formatted with?

How do I find out? Can I find out using adb? Or do I have to take it out and insert the microSD card into a computer?

It’s probably easiest to check on a PC. But should also be possible using adb, although I can’t currently tell you how.
The reason I am asking is, because my guess would be that your SD-card is fat32 formatted.
And fat32 doesn’t support files larger than 4GiB, which is why backup is failing.
So you’ll have to reformat the card using exfat

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I can’t check for myself right now, but you could have a look at the Addendum at the end of this post and see whether TWRP reports the file system for the SD card that way.
(Just don’t proceed with the formatting there :wink: .)

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Hi there,

i flashed A.110, then i installed and After erasing userdata with fastboot -w everything works fine so far… but if i relock the bootloader i always get an error message

Your device is corrupt. It can’t be
trusted and will not boot

This is caused by the modified boot.img:


Direct hit! And thanks to @AnotherElk for the TWRP trick. My file system is vfat. I’ll format my microSD card and try again. :slight_smile:

Edit: And “Backup completed in 836 seconds”. :tada:

Edit2: Bummer, exFAT is not recognized in /e/… :roll_eyes:

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Is TWRP backup for FP3 different from TWRP backup for FP2 (as TWRP for FP2 split backup files into pieces of max 1.5GB)? :thinking:

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Does /e/ say that … or does it “only” want to format the card it sees for the first time?
If the latter … /e/ wanted to format my card, too, and my card was not exFAT formatted. I think the Fairphone 3 stock OS wanted to do that, too, but I don’t know if I remember that correctly, I didn’t take notes then.

Explicitly missing exFAT support would surprise me, as I found LineageOS on the Fairphone 2 would support exFAT.

But it’s of little use if Android insisted on formatting and wouldn’t let you choose the file system.

Be aware: I ran into createTarFork() ERROR 255 on restore as well. On both, a backup on internal storage (ext4) and as well as on a backup directly stored over usb to my harddrive via adb backup --twrp. There is an unresolved bug in TWRP that can more or less randomly lead to corrupted backups without the exact cause being known. Do not rely on TWRP as your sole backup solution!

If you want to restore the data partition on a Fairphone 3 with TWRP, before restoring make sure that encryption would be set up the same way as when the backup was made.

I have successfully restored the complete state of the phone following these steps …

  • Install the OS build that matches the data partition to restore.
    (I needed to match the build this way, else restoring the data partition would fail.)
  • Boot the installed OS, set up the screen lock (= the decryption method) in the same way it was set up when the backup of the data partition was made.
    (Else restoring the data partition would fail.)
  • Restore the data partition with TWRP.
  • Copy the whole Internal Storage back to the phone (since TWRP doesn’t include Internal Storage in a backup, so I always use other means to backup Internal Storage).
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Interesting, I assume this an issue with the way TWRP performs the restore? Because in theory, the backup data should contain everything that’s required to restore the previous encryption state, no?

I also observed that the TWRP factory reset did not work properly (system would still not boot after wiping). The only way to get the phone into a bootable state for me was to use the factory reset feature of the default recovery partition.

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There are some topics discussing missing support for file systems over at the /e/ community:

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I have a rooted FP3, but the system was in RO. Is there any particular reason that I can not do the new update?

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Can anyone please provide an image of 0118 or 0120? Even though I rooted with system as read only, I can’t do the OTA update, I lost my backups of my 0118 partitions, and I’m not so keen on reverting back to 0110 to update twice.

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Here you are:

I guess @CosmoSteve meant either a TWRP-installable stock package or a fastboot-flashable stock partition dump.

I think until now nobody was able to manually install an OTA update file successfully …

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It should be possible to install the OTA manually via TWRP.
However that will have the same restrictions as updating via the OS.
I.e. no modifications to the installed system.

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If anyone writes me a (comprehensive) to-do list, I’ll revert back to A0111, do the updates up to A0120 and then dump the stock partitions. I couldn’t figure out how to extract stock partitions yet, so I need someone to explain it to me.

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Another option is to apply the updates on a PC using This fork of payload_dumper by @corvuscorax and create full images that way.
I’m sorry, I haven’t had the time to provide newer full images, I’ll look into it.