TWRP 3.5.0 and FP3

Hi everybody,

I was just wondering. The release page of TWRP 3.5.0 says:

“You will notice a new version scheme. Devices that are built in the android-9 tree will be suffixed with 3.5.0_9. Devices built in the android-10 tree will be suffixed with 10 like 3.5.0_10. Each device tree update will have a final suffix for any updates made for the device like 3.5.0_10-1.”

But why does the FP3 then have the folowing image, based on the android-9 tree and not the image based on the android-10 tree?

Just curious.

Because FP3 was launched with Android 9, and that’s what’s important.
On the release page it is said:

For devices that are released with Android Version 10, they will be supported under the android-10 branch.

(Implicit: For devices that are/were released with Android Version 9 or earlier, they will be supported under the android-9 branch.)

That’s how I understood it.


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