TV / DVB-T on the Fairphone?

My idea:

Some little DAB/DAB+ and DVB-T/DVB-T2 (with HEVC) receiver module which you plug into the microUSB port at the bottom on your phone. It should be smooth with the Fairphone shape, so the width is 73 mm and the thickness 11 mm. Also, it should have some microUSB connector at the bottom to charge your phone even with the receiver module.

So you can save your mobile data when you watch TV or listen to a non-FM radio station.

Well, I currently don’t need such a module. (Well, this need could come in some time. For example, before two years, I had no need for a smartphone and now, I finally bought a Fairphone 2.) But I think there could be some people who have the need for it. Especially the football junkies who want to watch the games live.

Do you mean a module which you connect to your satellite dish and then you watch TV?

This can also be done by some app, especially if you think of a little piano, for those who don’t want to take a “hardware piano” with them.

I like the idea of a DVB-H receiver, but I think in the days of WiFi and LTE, there is no market for it.

In contrast, a hardware piano is much easier to play than some app on a touchscreen, I guess. (I don’t play the piano myself.)

Hi all, new to forums so I am sorry if I’m doing this wrong.

I have used these with computers to pick up TV/Weather sats/ADSB. I think with an OTG adapter you can use it on a phone but is there is indeed USB in the expansion port on the back then ether a case with full size USB ports or that receiver is what I want. Or could make if I could find the port spec.

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Exists DVB-H somewhere anymore? I’ve read that DVB-H was switched off in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I don’t think a pure DVB-H receiver without DAB(+)/DVB-T(2) support would be very useful, especially in countries without DVB-H.

Then you don’t know Germany. There are rarely free WiFis (thanks to Störerhaftung), and data packages have only a small data volume. And I don’t think that this will change here soon. Our European neighbours already laugh at us.

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Not at all doing anything wrong! :wink: Welcome to the Fairphone forum, you could introduce yourself here. :slight_smile:

I guess, @dvl has them? He has opened an discussion over here: DIY - FP2 Hardware extensions

@TobiasF: I just wanted to stick to the initial purpose of DVB-H, namely being for phones… :blush: I’ve not heard of it for a long time…

Do people really watch TV when on the go? At least when travelling, reception would be bad, so videos are better. Which use case do you have in mind?

I searched a while for an answer. I found a (yearly) study in Germany which gather this usage.

They have written the statistics at page 47 in their report:

Our non-German speaking users can look at page 23 of this PDF:

There is also some statistics of radio usage on the smartphone at page 58 of the German or at page 34 of the English version. They stated that 13 % of the population use radio on their smartphone.

The TV streaming service Zattoo stated that they have more users while big sports events, like a football championship or Olympics. The users want to watch such events live and not later.

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This means that 0.176*0.2= 3,5% of consumers aged 14 years or older consume linear television outside their homes. And most of them don’t use DVB-T as only about 10% have a DVB-T-enabled device.[quote=“tofra, post:6, topic:11528”]
The TV streaming service Zattoo stated that they have more users while big sports events, like a football championship or Olympics. The users want to watch such events live and not later.
I can fully understand. I have to step back to live tickers, when there is a sports event, I’d like to watch, but am not at home…

You gargled?

Check here for my github

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Just had a look to it, since you mention you have no idea about the second pin :

On this page (in the phone specs) it is said :

Expansion Port Type
USB 2.0 Device Interface + Power Input

As Wikipedia tells me USB 2.0 had 4 pins that correspond to the ones you’ve already found, I guess pin n°2 must be the power input.

well maybe i knew :wink: (check the eagle library file)

cool, that info is public. will update.


Is it something like this ?

More info onänger-micro-USB/dp/B0087IUH50

And there seems to be an app on Google Playstore.

No idea if it actually works on Fairphone (or any other device)

But I know that Germany is indeed a disaster area for Free Wifi.