Turn off the charging led?

How can i turn off the charging led? Its very bright when charging at night and also i would rather like to see the leds from incoming messages instead of the charging led.


I’m afraid that you can’t turn the led off. Perhaps placing the phone face down is a solution for the night. Or put a piece of thick paper on top of the led.

This can be done by Gravity Box, under “power tweaks”


Im sorry but where can i find this power tweaks gravity box?

For being able to install & use gravity box you need to have the xposed framework installed:

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Dear Lidwien. Of course i have already thougt of facing the phone down… The problem is that the charging led overwrites the incoming message led

And @freibadschwimmer: Thanks very much for your answer, but this ‘solution’ looks to me very difficult and the only thing i want is that my phone just works properly and this led-problem is one of many things that annoy me about FP2. …unfortunately.

Well, to be honest I think your phone does work properly. The charging led is the intended behaviour. I completely agree it is something you want to change, but it does not mean the phone is broken.
This “problem” has already been discussed in this topic by the way. Maybe the two topics could be merged?

I think with the New update you can turn it off :slight_smile:

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That would be awsome.

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I wrote a small patch to disable the charging LED, you have to compile it yourself, though:


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