Turn off LED alltogether?

Is there any way to turn off the LED alltogether? I need neither notifications or charging light.
I can’t find it in the settings, will it be possible with the next update?
(Fairphone 2)


Well it’s not in the developer settings either and I don’t think it will be possible with future updates.
But I wouldn’t recommend turning it off either as USB-cables often deteriorate and then the charging light will be very helpful.

I agree with @sassenach. I can see if the battery is charging by looking at the battery symbol on the screen…I don’t need the led to tell me. It’s especially annoying when reading at night on my kindle app all very nice and dark except for the fairly bright, in my face, led notification light. I have considered covering it with a spot of electrical tape! A simply on/off switch would be great! Especially for charging. If it was so concerning to turn it off altogether perhaps a setting to show a brief flash when you first begin charging and then it could go off? Just an idea. Thanks…I do love the phone…i just hate led notifications :slight_smile:


That’s what I was going to suggest you.

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As Dan said, I can see if it is charging properly at the battery symbol! Why wouldn’t Fairphone add the setting, Paul? What harm could it do exept give ppl more influence over their phone?

Covering it would not solve the problem completely, since it shines through the speakers at the top and even a little through the cover. :frowning:

“LED blinker” app might help here.

As a sidenote, this is possible if running on Sailfish OS on FP2. On that, simple commands (using mce-tools) given via Linux terminal on the phone enables tweaking the led, vibrator and power button to work as you prefer, for example turning the LED off only for notifications, emails etc. (Sailfish OS is, so far, only distributed as an unofficial community port, currently on version alpha1 while writing this)

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I was searching for the same settings, because I don’t need that light either. As far as I can tell, the app LED Blinker doesn’t work on Fp2, but Light Manager seems to do it. You can set off-times and stuff like that with that app.

I have to correct myself. Light Manager doesn’t work either :disappointed:

What exactly do you mean is not working? For me it’s working, even deactivation at “off-hours”.

Another way to disable the LED for notifications is to deactivate the “pulse notification” setting of the android system. Unfortunately there is no option for this in the system settings app, but you can use my app (see this post ) to toggle this option.
However, this does not affect the charging LED.


Okay, I’m gonna try it again. Let’s hope it works.

Alright, it seems to be working. Don’t know what I did wrong last time. Thank you!

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Is LED Blinker required or does it work with LED Blinker Lite? I have not been able to turn off the LED while charging. I also find it annoying not being able to power it off at will. Thank you!

I tried the light version and it worked for a day or two but it wasn’t reliable. The LED still blinked during off-time. I gave up hope to find a solution for what I wanted. I’m just covering that area of my phone during night time now with a “dock” I built with Lego :smiley:

I think the light version should do it but I’m not sure as I’m using the pro version.
I’ve also not found a way to disable charging LED.

There are several topics on this question, just pick one!

Personally, I use Gravity Box to disable the charging LED.

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