Trying to revert from Fairphone Open (android 7) to Fairphone OS (android 9) phone broken forever?

I have been running Fairphone Open OS for a few year, but with the Android 9 update, I need to revert back to bog standard Fairphone OS Android 9. Using the Windows 10 update script, my system does not recognise my Fairphone at all, and I can’t update it this way.

Using Ubuntu, I have been able to run the update script, but I keep getting the message ‘System UI has stopped’

Right now, my Fairphone 2 does not work at all, and I need to fix this asap. Otherwise, I will be forced to buy a new Android phone.

Why do you have to revert from Fairphone open to FPOS?
And did the OTA update not work? Or why did you try to manually install the OS?
If you really change from FPOOS to FPOS you’ll need to do a #dic:factorydatareset .
There was probably a driver problem with your windows system if installation script did not work.


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