Trying to restore notes after unified partition upgrade

I’ve recently upgraded to the unified storage partition. It went off with few hitches, but my notes did not survive, which I understand is normal but didn’t know beforehand. Meaning I didn’t back them up using a specialized app.

However, I copied the entire phone content onto my PC before I upgraded and should therefore still have the encrypted files. Does anyone know where they would be saved? The com.mediatek.notebook file mentioned in this thread doesn’t seem to exist.

The file mentioned in the thread you referenced is normally not exposed to the PC if you’re using the USB or MTP connection modes. Also, this wouldn’t create encrypted files. Could you explain how you copied the files, and what encrypted files you’re referring to?

Encrypted might not be the right word for it. I just meant that the notes don’t (or don’t seem to?) exist as individual, accessible files and should therefore exist in some other state.

Copy&paste, honestly. I opened the phone folder via PC (through whatever mode it had at the time, I assume it was USB storage) and c&p’d the whole thing.

As I wrote in the other post, you need a root explorer:

The files in the app data directories of your phone are not exposed to Windows Explorer (it “doesn’t have root permission”), that is why they are not to be found in your backup.

(What you see in Windows Explorer is the directory /storage, the directory tree /data is not visible.)

To sum up: I’m afraid, there won’t be a possibility for you to restore your notes.:frowning:

Well, that is… frustrating. But thank you.

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