Trying to cancel an order

Hi all, I notice some support staff are active on here so I thought I might get some response since my support tickets have gone unanswered so far:

I accidentally placed a duplicate order for a screen and a case and have been trying to cancel it for days. Yesterday I got the email saying it had been dispatched, so I will have to go through the returns process once it arrives. Is anyone able to tell me the best way to do this? Submitting support tickets just feels like shouting into the void at this point.

The order number is FP200101320

Coincidentally I saw a friend asking on twitter about whether anyone would recommend fairphone. Last week I would have said 100% yes as I love the device and the ethos, but if support is non-existent it’s impossible to recommend.

I’ve got full sympathy if the support team is small and overworked - if that’s the case please show this to someone with the power to improve this.


Unfortunately, posting it here also won’t help, since this s a community Forum. I know, Support is slow at the moment, but calling them will probably speed everything up :slight_smile:


Like @Stanzi said calling will help, but if you live in a city or anywhere where there are other Fairphoners around you could consider selling the parts you don’t need to avoid additional shipping. Maybe there is even a group of #fairphoneangels near you that could take them for their spare-parts-stock.


Thanks both - i don’t really want the hassle of re-selling the parts and can’t really afford to make a loss on them. I might phone but i’m in the UK and £1.50 per minute is also a bit much.

Just sad that support is so slow/understaffed and also that it’s not possible to click to cancel an order before it’s been dispatched.

I will see if there’s some way of negating the cost of phoning

Maybe you get a chance to call via some 3rd party service so you are not connected directly by your phone operator which in the end makes your call cheap?

Hi Edk,
You can try using Skype to call them, if you have an account you can top-up with credit.
Which part of the UK are you in? I would recommend listing it in the marketplace here on the forum, I’m certain there are people in the UK who need one.

Same here, I tried not to have my order shipped weeks in advance, I even got a first answer from Adm then nothing and after a while I received my order. My guess is that cancellations are just a few, at least not enough to invest money to keep it up with them.
My order arrived and I just decided to keep it, so I guess I m in the FP matrix now :slight_smile:


That’s how they get you. :smiling_imp: :wink:


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