Troubleshooting hardware issues


I’m experiencing multiple issues with my phone ever since I got caught under heavy rain with it. At the time, I entirely disassembled it and left it to dry for a few days, and it’s mostly back to its original shape, however, some issues persist:

  • Extreme slowdowns: it sometimes takes more than ten seconds to open the calculator app
  • Random reboots (about once or twice a month)
  • Ear proximity sensor not working (screen doesn’t turn off when I put the phone to my ear)
  • Compass not working
  • Auto-orientation not working

Reboots and updates don’t help. I’ve also tried to disassemble and reassemble the phone, taking care to check all connections, but that didn’t help either.

To me it looks like there are some issues with the main board/cpu (which would explain the slowdowns) and the IMU (which would explain most of the others)
Is there anything I can do to fix those issues ?


nb: I have some other issues but I believe those existed before the incident:

  • Sometimes impossible to control the call volume (UI shows valume being modified, but the actual volume remains ear-piercingly loud)
  • camera app sometimes refuses to open, or can’t save the picture after it was taken

I guess the best would be to meet with someone who has a FP3(+) and then exchange the modules to find one or more broken. Is there a FP meeting in your area?


Or perhaps a Fairphone Angel ?

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