Troubles with E-mail application

Hi guys,

I am newbie on FP2. Incoming mails are shown only for the last 4 days. Where can I find my older mails ?Also I do not know how to switch to conversation mode.

No help from FP support since E-mail is a third party application (somewhat disappointing…).

Thanks in advance for your help.

On my FP1 the preinstalled e-mail app only saved the last 20 mails. This might be the case as well with the one of FP2. I can only guess, because I’ve never used it, I need my whole mail archive offline.

So in order to store older mails I think you’ll need to use another app.

Many people use and like K9 Mail. It’s open source and you can choose how many mails should be stored on your phone.

Personally, I use and like MailDroid, but it’s not free. In fact, if you can’t stand the advertisements and you buy it, it’s quite expensive. But after trying several apps it’s still the one I like most…

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Thanks Irina for your reply

Considering the laconic answer from FP support, you are probably right, they have the FP1 e-mail application also on FP2. I’ll try what you suggested.

Thanks again.

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