Troubles accessing networks


I’m spending some time in the UK and have my FP2 with an Italian 3 sim card with me. I’d like to access 3UK network as I get a very good roaming offer by them. Unfortunately, it seems I can’t access their network. If I manually look for 3UK and select it, I get the “registered on network” message but the phone picks MR0MME01 automatically and there is no way to change that.

Any idea of what may be the reason?

Actually, does someone know what MR0MME01 is?
It’s gettng weird

I know it. I have that too. 3 UK has currently some problems and due to that stands now MR0MME01. That will only stand until they repaired everything. So everything is still like before, no worries.

Thanks for your reply. Ok, good to know. I bought a UK sim in the end

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