Trouble with cashback - whats your experience - advice?

I know, this i a forum for the community. I am already in contact with customer support.
I am just looking for help from others who used the recycling program.

In the beginning of July I sent my FP2 in the original Box according the guide from Fairphone.
After 2 Months I have not heard anything so I contacted the support.

When I contacted the support they wrote that they have to contact the relevant department and that I could expect a response soon.
After a week of silence I asked again, similar response and now 2 weeks later I don’t get any response anymore.

I sure understand that with all whats going on the support is well at capacity but if it takes 2 Months + X to process and 2 weeks + Y to get a clue whats going on than something is broken.


Hi there,

I’m really sorry to hear this. Could you please share you support ticket number so that I can follow this up with my colleagues?




You could answer and do futher discussions by PM, so you don’t have to share personal data in the open forum.
PM can be send by clicking on the avatar and in the popup on the blue envelope saying “Message” in the top right hand corner.


It is solved, apparently there was a Problem with the IMEI Number.
The phone could not be turned on to read it which is why I needed a new one
but I marked the Position where its printed on the phone with a sticky-note.

After this post the numbers have been matched with my records of the FP2 purchase.

It seems that despite those problems it takes 8-12 weeks with no notification of arrival or status. A automated email would have been good enough.

Now its solved with some divine intervention from support but I think the process could be streamlined :slight_smile:


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