Trouble answering calls

Since a week ago my FP2 has started acting up when I have an incoming call. The phone rings, but the app where you answer or turn down calls does not open automatically and it is difficult to open it in time since the phone become slugish during the incoming call. It is a real nuisance. Also, when I get the phone app open in time it does not immediately show the incoming call but a menu where I can choose to “return” to the regular phone. So, it seems like a software problem. The only app i have downloaded recently is WhatsApp. Could that cause a problem?

This could be a problem with the permissions for the phone app, if the description below is familiar:

There’s details in that topic on how to check for the right permissions.


Yep, notifications were suddenly blocked in the phone app. Enabling them seems to have solved the issue. Thanks @Johannes


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