Trouble after update

Hi everyone,

I updatetd my Fairphone OS / Android 4.2.2. Jelly Bean a few days ago. Ever since a few apps just disappeared and are nowhere to be found. The Playstore app is among those who vanished so things are a bit complicated. I’m not able to reinstall any apps from the since my Fairphone isn’t available - it is listed but stays ‘greyish’.

If I use another source to download apps, I can do so but they don’t show up on the phone.

It’s a mess! Regular phonecalls and what’s app work. I hate the new design…

I’d appreciate you help!


I think you have to look here support_app_store to reinstall the app store.


thank’s for writing. The problem is that the widget is gone aswell.I have installed the playstore app from another source but it won’t even start. The screen just flickers for a second and that’s it…

Any ideas?

There is something I just don’t understand: when everything is working just fine why change the whole system and setup. Why can’t you just fix bugs and stuff and leave the software alone? My startup screen was empty after the update and all my ringtones are gone. Worse: Now there is only one really stupid standard tone available which I don’t even hear when it’s ringing! I am actually quite annoyed. I don’t want to spend hours to set up my phone again after an update.
I just checked: my alarms and ringtone folders were stored on the phone storage, both folders are empty now. What exactly happened?

I found my own solution: I changed language into English and: voilà all my ringtones reappeared again. How is this possible?