Transferring Music Files to FP2

I am struggling to find a way to transfer music files from my PC to the FP2. When plugged through the USB as a Media Device I can see the FP2 on my computer however I cannot see any options for a Music Folder and it will not let me create a new folder.

Any suggestions?

Check the USB settings. Most of the time it only works with only one option selected

you could install FTP-Server from F-Droid and transfer the files using ftp (provided that PC and FP2 are in the same WifI network)

Probably “adb push” might be easier


I guess it depends on the software you use and where you want to store your data. I would use a SD card for music and a little rsync. But external SD card use seems to be a pain with the FP2 right now. And you are using the stock rom, so I guess setting the phone to MTP mode and copying folders will be the best.

If you tell us more about your phone, your music software and your computer’s OS, we can give you a few more ideas, I think.

Thank you for all your suggestions. I most say that I am not that tech savy so not really sure what FTP is or F-Droid nor ADB.

Also not sure how to set the phone to MTP mode but that would seem like the easiest option.

My phone is a FP2, I have downloaded Timber from play store and my computer OS is Windows 10.

Thanks again for your help.

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Connect you FP2 via USB to the computer and swipe down the notification bar. In the upper left corner, a button appears where you can change the USB options. Choose MTP and you can access your phone storage.


Thank you. For some reason I tried this option earlier and it only had two folders showing in the internal storage. They are now all their. Sorry for the trouble and thank you for your patience.

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I think when you tried it the first time, the USB was set to “mount SD card”, the default option, so you couldn’t see your internal storage.

Yes it was set to SD but then I did click on MTP and was able to see the internal storage folder. Then after opening the folder I could only see the DCIM folder and the Camera Folder. All the other folders were not appearing. However I tried again and they were all there. Mystery? :slightly_smiling:

No mystery, it was accidently set to PTP :slightly_smiling:.

Thank you again for your help. Have a good evening.

just wanted to add that this totally worked and made my day, thanks for the low-tech explantion :slight_smile:

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We should add the MTP answer to the top (wiki + answer, maybe?).