Transferring contacts from old sim

Hello. I’m changing provider, and need to move any contacts on my old sim - either to the new sim or to the phone. Can anyone help me? many thanks.

In the contacts app you can copy all your contacts from the sim to the phone.
If you have an google account you can also copy all your contacts to the google account.

Just export them to the phone storage and import them after from the phone storage to the SIM, or export as .vcf from the old SIM and import from that .vcf file when you have the new SIM in the phone. These options should be in the settings of the contacts apps or in the three-dots menu.

What FP model do you have?

Thank you. I have a FP3. Under the 3 dots in my contacts I get these choices: sounds and vibration; quick responses; calling accounts; blocked numbers; voicemail; accessibility; assisted dealing; caller ID and spam; nearby places; about, terms & private and Advanced. Advanced takes me to a screen with only one item; Flip to silence. I can’t see anything about exporting in these.

Phone app or Contacts app?

When I’m in contacts, the 3 dots in the top right hand corner of the screen leads to: Call history; Settings; Help and feedback. This list I’ve written out above appears under ‘Settings’.

… if I got to the ‘Help and feedback’ of this list, it says ‘Phone app Help Center’. So, although I reach it by going into my contacts, I don’t actually know if the ‘Settings’ refers to the phone app or the contacts app. Sorry.

Export, back up, or restore contacts - Computer - Contacts Help (

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