Transfer of Contacts from Google Account to Device (FP4)

Hi there,
with my old phone (Motorola G5) I always thought my contacts could not be saved outside Google or the Google Account (and I didn’t find another way) so that is where I had them.

Two days ago I saved a new contact to my FP4 and I was prompted to choose if I want to have it saved in the Google Account or on the device, I choose the latter.

Now I wanted to know if there is a way to (at least) copy my contacts out of my Google account onto the device? (And perhaps from there onto my computer as a backup copy too)

I hope someone here can point me into the right direction.

Thanks and best regards!

I find the easiest way is to open Google Contacts and clicking the export button on there as described on Export, back up, or restore contacts - Computer - Contacts Help. It’s the method I used when I went Google-free myself :slight_smile:


I’m using MyPhoneExplorer for copying and syncing things between phone, computer and cloud.


Thanks, it worked! :slight_smile:
(I think on my old phone that wasn’t possible somehow. But at least it worked this time!)

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