Transfer iPhone data offline / via cable

I want to transfer data (contacts, calendar, pictures, videos, WhatsApp-data, etc.) from iPhone 6 to FF3. I want to chance to FF3 because of its encryption function in a business-context. That is why I can’t use cloud services for sync/ transfer.

I did not find apps working for Fairfone. Samsung SmartSwitch does not recognise FF3. AndroidFileTransfer does not read iPhone or iPhone backup data.

I have everything setup: PC, Mac, OTG-adapter, cables, software uptodate.

Any suggestions?

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I guess there is no direct way of syncing data locally between an iPhone and an Android phone, but if you use Outlook, you can try AkrutoSync:

Or you can use MyPhoneExplorer to import the data you exported from the iPhone manually and sync it to your FP3:

BTW: Business context, encryption, sensible data and WhatsApp doesn’t go together in my opinion.

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Sorry, didn’t get exactly why you can’t use because of the encryption you mentioned.
But did you have a look at this support article?

And the Google cloud service mentioned does so not help you?

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No, you can’t sync sensitive data through a google cloud service. This is forbidden by german law.

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Well, I assume you’re referring to GDPR (which btw is a regulation of the European Union)?

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Well, no. GDPR only rules the basic questions on data protection. German regulations specify the binding rules e.g. via blacklists published by the local regulatory offices.

As I don’t use and don’t want to use a data processing contract with google there is no way to store business partner data or sensitive customer data in cloud storages.

I am somewhat disappointed about the lack of help in this forum. I was just hoping for helpful answers to my problem not corrections on knowledge of european laws.

You’re right. This was just an example. I didn’t use WhatsApp in this context. But getting to know ways to transfer every kind of data stored on iOS-devices would be nice anyways.

So there is no native way outside cloud solutions, right?

Would this be different on /e/? Which kind of transfer is proposed for /e/-Phones?

Seems that way. I don’t see anything else in the internet either.

There’s no difference on /e/.
They seem to be pondering to become active in that regard, though, but that doesn’t help you now …

Just to mention … /e/ is still considered beta, this would need consideration in a business context.
And while Fairphone and the e foundation have an official partnership going on, Fairphone don’t support anything other than their own OS on the phone.

Just looking at this issue ??

2 Methods to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone, iPad.

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