Transfer folders with pictures from my computer (win 8.1) to my sd card on(works as external card) the ff3

*How can I transfer pictures (stored in several folders) from my computer (win 8.1) to my sd card on ff3 ?(I installed it as “external” card). In attempting to transfer the folders, my computer sais not possible and the computer blocks and doesnt work any more so that I have to reboot it. Thank you, Felix

Is the SD card configured for internal storage?

Could you post the respective error message, please?

Sometimes I also get this error message under Windows 10. The solution: Create a folder with the same name on the SD card and copy the files from the computer to the folder on the smartphone. This then works without any problems.
I suspect a USB 2 problem, that there is still a task running on the computer that comes from the smartphone and thus blocks the other direction.

You could insert the SD in the computer and copy the files to it then insert in the phone.

I did this with my Samsung and then just inserted the SD card into my Fairphone.

Make sure you skip any formatting option if asked when inserting the SD card into the phone.

As you already have the SD card in the phone you can ensure it is formatted as external storage by checking the Settings > Storage and see if there is an eject symbol next to the SD card.

Thank you. The solution: below the USB is charging-line (after tapping
on usb…) opened a menu with the choice “allow datatransfer”. After
activating datatransfer I got acces from the windows explorer to the
usb-card and could tranfer the pictures. Felix


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