Transfer contacts from one one sim to other

I use both sim slots - one for work and one personal. I have a new sim for the work slot as I am changing contract, and I wonder if anyone can tell me how to transfer the contacts on my old work sim to my new work sim? I could remove my personal sim and put both old and new work sims into the my fp simultaneously, if that makes it an easier process?

I am very very dim, and not at all techie, so if anyone can help, ideally not using too much jargon, even better!

Thank you!

You could try the following:

  • insert your old work sim card and a sd card into the phone
  • make a backup of your contacts on the sd card
  • switch the sim cards
  • restore contacts from backup

You could also try to save your contacts from the old sim to your phone. In the “People” app, press the settings button (lower left corner, below your screen). Choose Import/export. Choose your old SIM, tap “next”, choose “phone”, tap next, choose the contacts you want to export (or choose all)…

Hope that helped. Techie-slang: HTH. :wink:

Is it really necessary to take the detour via the SD card? I don’t have a second SIM so I can’t check but the Import/Export menu mentioned by @paulakreuzer and @humorkritik seems to offer the possibility to transfer from one SIM card to another.