Transfer a complete SD card copy to the PC

Hi, I need to transfer a copy of my full SD card, with the blanks on it too, to my PC, so I can analyze it and recover lost files. I have a rooted FP Open OS FP2. What command can I use from the computer terminal (with Linux) to have the copy transferred directly to the PC via USB?

How about a card reader for the PC instead of copying?

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If reading the card directly is not an option, what you could try is installing busybox (if it isn’t installed already) and then redirecting dd output to netcat to send the data to the pc. There’s an example outline here (obviously installing root should not be required on FPOSes). Make sure to understand the entire procedure before you start, as you can wreck your phone. Block devices may be different on Fairphone, I haven’t checked.
Also, if the data on the card is FDE encrypted, you’ll probably have to figure out how to decrypt the image before most recovery software will be able to detect any lost files.

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