Tracking number chaos in order confirmation from Fairphone (and other stuff)

I got an order confirmation from Fairphone and found the tracking number information a bit annoying. I will send this to support, but was also wondering what people here think.

Your tracking code is:

Shipped By: DHLDD
Tracking Number: JVGL..............

It may take 24 hours before your tracking code is activated. After that, you can
check the status of your delivery with the shipper you chose:

(If your DHL Tracking code starts with JJ, it’s a EURO PLUS shipment. If your
PostNL link starts with TNTML, alas, no tracking information is available)

First, note that DHLDD is not on the list, and it starts with JV. I have no idea whether or where I will get any tracking information for this order? :confused:

(EDIT: Just trying out, it seems… is the right place)

Second, why bother me with all the information that I do not need? Apparently the program that sends out this email has access to my tracking number and to the shipping method / company. So it should be easy to only send me the relevant information and link.
The condition “If your tracking code starts with …” should not be my job to evaluate, but the email template should be adjusted to only include the link to my tracking code, if there is one. Ideally with the code as part of the link, for example

Third, in the HTML version of the email, the links are not click-able.

Fourth, the links to the shipping providers are all HTTP but should be HTTPS.

Fifth, the email wants to load the Fairphone logo remotely. Please consider removing it or attach it to the email instead if you absolutely want it in the emails.

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