Touchscreen response very slow depending on App

I am experiencing long delays after touching the screen. Quick tiping is not possible for example when unlooking the screen. The thing is when FP2 is changing into energy saving mode on low battery this behavior is gone with quick responses. Any help out there?

That’s strange. What if you manually turn on the battery saver at a high battery level? Does it still happen then?

Usually - disregarding the battery saver thing - I’d advise you to #disassemble the phone and clean the connectors.

Hi paulakreuzer, i did disassembled the screen which didn’t help and unfortunately I couldn’t reproduce the low battery thing. I therefore did some more research on when this happens exactly: it seems to depend on the what is used.

This is a list of situations/Apps where the touchscreen is responding with delay:
• Unlock screen
• Unlock SIM
• Alto adventure App
• Calculator in “Schweizer Taschenmesser”
• typing numbers to phone
• Calculator App

This is a list of situations/Apps where the touchscreen is responding normally:
• Hiccup/additional information editor
• WhatsApp editor
• ColorNote App editor
• unlock GMX mail App and editing mails
• Unit converter in “Schweizer Taschenmesser” App

Any ideas?

To me it seems to be some hungry background-running app or apps. That would explain the energy saving mode saving the situation, because this mode pauses background apps.

Do you have a big amount of apps, or some app you suspect for? If it is a single app, then it probably is quickly draining your battery, so I suggest you take a look at the Battery stats.


Hi Roboe, top player on battery stats is the screen and google services. Nevertheless I played around with deactivating all Apps possible which didn’t help. Then I realized that while unlocking the screen the phone isn’t vibrating on typing numbers although it should. I tried a little on my keypress preferences and rechecked screen delays. For what ever exact reason it’s all normal at the moment. Keep the fingers crossed that this will last …

Uh, that sounds super weird for me.

Time to contact official Support, I guess.

It also sounds to me as if the issue was connected to the number keyboard. All those apps use it:

If the issue returns, go to Settings > Storage > Cache and Clear the Cache.

To find out running background services/processes, you have to go to Settings > Apps > Running (sorry, I’m on FP1, is it the same in Marshmallow?). :blush:

I’ll keep an eye on the cache, Stefan, which was 1.19 GB and is now 1.5 MB and I had the same impression with the number keyboard but unlocking GMX and the unit converter were not effected.

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