Touchscreen response is slow, very, very slow

Hi Fair-folks,

I got my FP2 two weeks ago. The first ten days, everything was right. But one day, all actions on screen began to be slow, very slow : For example, when I type an SMS at a normal rate, each letter is normally registered but it appears on a screen with a delay of 2 or 3 seconds after the action on the keyboard. The same when I push on a “button” in an application, I get the small vibration telling that the action succeeded but the screen reacts with a delay of a few seconds. Apart of touchscreen reactions, everything seems to run normally, GPS routing is OK. Phone calls, once picked up, are clear and fluent. Videos play normally…

I tried a lot of things to solve my problem : simple reboot, power off then battery removal, factory resets with and without SD-card. I installed the new version 1.3.6, today. But nothing changed, my phone is desperately slow !

Did somebody have this problem, before ? Do you have some idea to test ?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

I think it could be an app or a widget that is always active and slows your phone down. Maybe an antivirus or something like that. Can you remember what you installed before this behavior started?

Since I proceeded to factory reset, I didn’t install any other application than those provided by default. And the problem is still present.

Do you have a sd card in your phone?
If so, try to take it out. It could be the process “media service” or “media storage” that is busy with some corrupted files or a dirty file system.

Sorry, I read not carefully enough. You wrote already about it.

I face the same problem.
Have you found a solution already?
The Fair Phone support does not reply and I can’t contact them by telephone. Very Annoying.

Have you tried some #troubleshooting like a Hard Reset and taking off the screen?

You can speed up the process by posting your support request number here:

I’ve tried the hard reset in vain.
Also I’ve removed the simcard and battery, but I did not yet take off the screen. Is that hard to do?

In theory it’s very easy. In practice it is sometimes not so easy the fist time.
In both cases check here how it’s done:

I’ve tried, but the screen does not come off as easy as on youtube. I don’t feel comfortable with it, so I wait until my son gets home next week. He is much more technical than I am.
Thanks anyhow. I now know in which direction we should be heading.

Hi Gerard,
No, I haven’t found any beginning of solution yet.
Fairphone support seems to be reduced to an automatic mail answering software.
I didin’t try to remove the screen module. What about the device guarantee if this removal goes wrong ?

FP2 was designed to be opened. IF something goes wrong during opening that’s not your fault, but I don’t think it has happened to anybody yet.

Hi Paul,
Thanks a lot for your advice : You convinced me to try this operation and now, I’m the happiest man on earth ! MY PHONE WORKS :tada:
Let’s hope it will work more than 2 weeks, now !
@Gerard2, just try to remove the screen module and put it back. It’s a bit harder to do than it seems to be on the video but there’s no trap.


It worked, but only after several attempts. The first 2-3 times the problem came back after half a day, but now the system is stable for more than one week.

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