Touchscreen not working correctly while writing sms or email

While writing sms, email, whatsapp etc there do appear other Apps I have on my screen on the phone. This really drives me crazy as I have to go back again and again to the sms or email I was writing.
If anyone could help me with this would be great.

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Sounds strange that it only happens with those apps but you should probably do the touchscreen test and if it shows that something is wrong with the touchscreen contact support.

In fact it happens with those Apps I have on my home panel. Imagine I am writing an sms. While typing a letter, suddenly opens up the App that’s kind of under the sms-App I’m using at that moment (like for example my contacts or my navigation App). I then have to get out of that App and go back to my sms and continue writing. This can happen several times while writing an sms and it’s NOT funny… Don’t know if my description of the problem is understandable.
Anyway, I did the touchscreen test and everything seems to be alright there.
Thanks a lot for your help.

Are you using a launcher different to the default one? It seems that touches on the keyboard are interpreted as touches on the launcher, which then causes apps placed on the launcher to open.

This could either be a crazy launcher, or it could be a faulty installation of Fairphone’s firmware. In the latter case, you could first try to install Fairphone OS again manually, and, if that doesn’t help, do a hard reset.

Perhaps your fingers are not appropriate for such a small device or your eyes are no longer as good. :tired_face:

But even, I have seen, with my large fingers that even wrong applications went up, so I think that the touchscreen of FairPhone laks a "thick finger approach :sunglasses:

Don’t know much about technical things concerning my Fairphone and never heard anything about a launcher. I guess I do not use a launcher different to the default one as I never downloaded any other. The problem is there since I got my Fairphone (FP1) so it might not be because of the last update of the phone. But could try to install FP OS again.
Thanks for your help.

If you have experienced this from the start, you should probably contact support through this form.

Yes, I guess that’s the best I could do.
Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

I rather have magic fingers in that case, as I can open Apps that aren’t even visible ;-))

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