Touchscreen not working after replacing display assembly of a wet FP1U


I damaged my screen and some time later it got wet. Everything but the input via touchscreen seemed to work fine. Seeing as this is an essential function tho, I replaced the display assembly with a new B-stock display assembly. However, the problem continues to exist and I am now wondering what to do.

Do you have any ideas?
Do you think a replacement of the motherboard might be successful?


So your problem is that the touchscreen does not work, in spite of you having replaced your display? You could take your phone apart again and check if all the connectors sit tightly in place (disconnect and reconnect sometimes does the trick).

Thanks for your quick answer. Yes, everything is displayed correctly, but I can’t “use the touch-function”. The loudness button and the on/off button are working, tho. I will try to reassemble again, but I doubt that it will change anything, seeing as the problem exists with both displays even thou they display everything correctly.

€: After reassembling it a couple of times it is still not working.

Does nobody have any ideas?

I do have a similar problem. After my Fairphone got wet, i couldn´t charge it anymore. Everything else worked fine. I got a new Motherboard and after replacing it, the touchscreen didn´t work anymore. We tried to it several times. Would be really gratefull for a solution to that problem. I am not sure, a new Display would be the soution.

I do have this problem also, after I changed earpiece, following Ifixit solutions. Do someone know which connection could be responsible ?

@Lena-str, @nicolas36 Things I would try, in this order (go to the next step, if the former did not solve the issue):

  1. Do the Touchscreen Test. If the touchscreen works in testing mode then there is an issue with the software and you need to reinstall FP OS.
  2. Disassemble your phone and reassemble it again. Check every connector again. I have experienced problems after a display assembly because of loosely connected cables.
  3. Get a new display or send your phone in for repairs.

Thank you Stefan I tried these solutions, except that I could not find CTP test as explained in sreen teset but -close to it- RTP. Didn’t work. I’ll have to send it to repair, I’m afraid.

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