Touchscreen not responding


I am having problems with my FP3. Occasionally the touch screen stops reacting, either turning the screen on-off or wiping the screen on my jeans solves the problem.

Does anyone else has experienced a similar problem? It is rather annoying to me, because it either works flawless or it takes place all the time and the screen freezes just a few seconds after I started using it.



It might be the software that’s slowing down because of an app, which you’d need to identify, but just in case you could try to unmount and remount the screen using this tutorial if needed.
If it doesn’t work you could try a #dic:factorydatareset before contacting support.


You could try starting the phone in #dic:safemode and use it a bit to see if it works any better without any apps.

Did you do a forum search? You may find something interesting:


Thank you for your comments. I don’t think it is an app which freezes the phone. Rotation works still fine and the it happens for various apps. I tried cleaning the connector, which was recommended once. But I am not sure if this will do the job. One user suggested it might be moister. I will try to run a touchscreen test when it occurs next time.

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