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I am in Ghana were it is very humid. My touchscreen has suddenly stopped working. I took the battery out for a few days but when I put it all back together the screen still does not work. Does this mean I need to buy a new touch screen? Will this solve it for me? Thanks…

Hummm…just checked the shop and the touch screens are out of stock? What can I do as I can now no longer use my phone at all. It won’t do anything.

Nobody can guarantee that. Humidity problems can be very complex, if that is the cause of the problem in the first place.

So it’s progressed beyond the touch screen not responding to touches? I.e. it doesn’t turn on, charge, etc?

You could contact support directly (this is just a community forum) to see if they can help. I hate to break it to you, but from your (limited) description this likely isn’t a software issue. Seeing as you mention you’re in Ghana, this will be a pain to get fixed as support is limited to Europe and parts aren’t shipped outside of Europe (see the Delivery small print below the price in the shop). The honest answer to the question quoted above is probably to look for a different phone for the time being.

To rule out any software issues, you should do the Touchscreen Test and report your result here.


Still nothing.


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