Touch screen does not work when cover is on. Works with cover off


My current situation with my FP2 is that touch screen is not responding to any thing(whole screen, not just some areas). It works and reacts to buttons but not touch. I noticed that when I start taking back-cover away it starts working again. When I put the cover on it stops.

All this started a 1 day ago when phone froze itself while I was charging it. After some time of no response from screen or even buttons I reset it by removing the battery. After this screen started to act like I described. I opened the case with official support but I also wonder if there could be some advice here.

Never heard of this behaviour before. I just can imagine two possible reasons for that:

  • Some kind of short-circuit or electrical connection between cover and touchscreen
  • Touchscreen is not fastened correctly / exactly, thus it might be shifted slightly when attaching the cover and by that causing a bad connection between motherboard’s and display’s contacts.

But as I said, that’s just guessing…


What @BeMiGro writes sounds reasonable.

But what to do?
I would recommend to disassemble and reassemble the display. To me it sounds as well as if there could be a loose connection. Reassembling may thus help.


My touch screen stopped working this morning. As Ivan_Datko describes, except taking the back cover off did not improve (let alone fix) the problem. I haven’t yet looked through the description(s) of how to dismantle the phone, but (after taking the cover off) I did eventually slide the two blue clips in towards the middle, and back again, several times. To my delight, after doing this, once the battery was re-installed the phone worked again, touch screen and all. So this might be worth trying, if you haven’t already.

Hi @freibadschwimmer, thanks for this help. This really worked perfectly. Feels really good to be able to fix my own thing :-).

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