Touch screen does not work on its whole surface

Hi all,

I’m having some issues with my FP2 since yesterday. Since then the touch screen does not allow me to type the letter [i] when held vertically and instead types [o]+[u], similarly it does no longer allow me to type the letters [q] or [a] (I am using an English UK keyboard).

Due to the location of the unresponsive parts of the screen I am also not able to accept incoming calls.

I have tried to change the settings of “Touch and delay” but to no effect. I was also unable to enter the Factory mode to see if this was a hard– or a software issue; all the information I could find on the matter was for the FP1.

It may be relevant to note that my FP2 also does not allow me to hang up 75% of the time, unless I keep the phone on speaker. I have thus as of 5minutes ago changed the settings to be able to hang up with the power button.

Finally, as far as hardware is concerned the FP2 has not been experiencing anything out of the ordinary in the last week – i.e. it was not dropped on a hard surface or in any liquids. I am in the Colombian Amazon right now but I do not think that the generally high level of humidity is at cause as this FP2 has already been through rougher patches in that regard.

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