Touch controls don't work with Pixel Buds A-Series

I’ve received today my new Pixel Buds A-Series and the pairing process went fine but I’m having problems with Touch Controls.
More specifically, the phone never detects the single tap. I’ve tried it many times and with tapping different parts of the buds, longer pressure, etc. but there’s no way to make it work. Also, the double and triple taps are detected by the phone (I can hear some feedback) but the action doesn’t happen, e.g. it doesn’t play the next song for the double tap.
I’ve tested my buds with another phone (a Google Pixel 4a) and everything works as expected, that’s why I think this might be some software issue with FPOS.
I’m having this problem with my Fairphone 3 that has all updates installed.

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Please have a look and continue here if necessary:

FP3 users are currently waiting for a fix in an upcoming update.