Touch broken? Wich solutions?

I let fall my phone on the flour. The screen is perfect but when I am trying to tap my password to unlock the phone it is impossible. For example insted of 1 it writes 1111111111. Does someone can indicate me how to fix it?
We even tried to change the screen with a new one but the problem remained.
Thank you veru much

Hi and welcome, have you checked that the frame is properly clipped together? If this is the case, I would dismantle to check everything is properly in place. Might be just a contact problem


As an intermediate quickfix you could also buy a USB-C to A adapter and plug a mouse into your phone. I destroyed the touchscreen of my Sony Xperia in 2015 only two days after I preordered my FP2 and used the phone like this for four months until the Fairphone arrived.

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