Total silence .. now forever!

with android 6, there was some changes in the make phone silent feature.

first I did not find it but than it was in the swipe down menu, with much better options than before. For example, not just silent for one hour, but also silent until the next alarm.

After some update the silent until next alarm was gone, than it came back.

This morning my phone was on silent until next alarm, but the alarm was not to hear!
This is already a horrible disaster bug and makes the phone basically unusable, but that’s not enough.

My phone is still in total silence mode.
Now when I touch the total silent button nothing happens. No menu opens, nothing, I can not access the dialogue any more and not turn off the total silence menu.

Reboot did not help. Rebooted phone is in the total silence mode!
How is this possible, this seems like a horrible software bug.
How can I have my phone sounds back?

Do you use the “Do-not-disturb” feature from the swipe down menu? Maybe the solution from the thread Stuck in “Do not disturb”/silent mode helps in your case too.


yes, thanks! you saved my day, I use this feature such a lot, it’s so important.
now lets hope that the bug will be fixed soon

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