Torchlight always on

I had waterdamage. It fried the screen but the rest of the phone survived. However the torchlight is lit permanently. Not at full strength, but enough to be annoying. Any idea what caused this, and if there is a fix?

Probably some short circuit, I guess. The solution depends on which module causes the issue.

First step in any case is to make sure the phone is really dry, please see #waterwiki for details.

In case the issue is within the camera module you might try to exchange that one. To avoid the risk of frying a brand new camera module you could look for a (used) old camera module in the #market or #fairphoneangels in your vicinity might have one at hand for testing.

In case the damage is in the core module, the issue would be more diffiicult. Maybe a repair shop might be able to help in this case.


That’s great, you have found the answer all by yourself.

Btw: here’s a current offer:


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