Topics without replies

I have a personal feeling in the last times…that a post, which is 1d old and not anwserd will vanish forever at the bottom of the forum…

i don’t know how we could solve this or if it is only my personal feeling…
There are just too much topics to discuss about to keep overview.
Do you admins think the same?


I guess you’re right.
One can search for such topics by typing in status:noreplies, but I usually don’t actively search for them.

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Yep, I can also sort it with “replies”, but it is not what I meant.

If you just follow the forum not for 1d or even some hours, you are lost about new topics and only see the most active discussed ones…

It is no complain, but just as a bad developmente of the FP forum thanks to the high amount of posts…

Well you can watch or track categories so you’ll be notified about new topics in those categories. E.g. I’m watching all categories where I’m mentioned in the about posts and I’m tracking almost everything else (So I’ll at least see the blue :one: for every unread post). I only set topics in languages I don’t understand to “normal”.

Sometimes they are duplicates as well.