Too many fps, vsync broken on Fairphone?

Hi! My phone is a second edition FP1. I recently noticed that apps that display their frame rate usually show frame rates of above 60 fps. For example, the classic GL Gears demo shows a steady frame rate of 63 fps and the cocos2d test app settles at around 62 fps. As I’m pretty sure the display will not refresh more than 60 times per second, these extra 2-3 frames are not only wasted, but since they are never displayed, they add choppiness to the animation.

I have not been able to test this on another Fairphone, but I have tested it on a lot of other phones, and they all show frame rates of 60 or less, so a logical next step would be to figure out if this is an issue with all Fairphones or if it’s something local to my phone. So, anyone with a Fairphone, feel free to give the Gears app a try, it’s available here and requires no special permissions:

In GLGears, i get 62fps as well. But that might an error in measuring?

In the developer options, you can turn on reporting of OpenGL frame-render time and use adb to monitor that. This should allow you to verify the fps.

Thanks for the tip. I’m not having any luck getting the data though. I’ve turned on Profile GPU rendering in the developer options, but the output from adb is quite disappointing:

johannes@broxomatic:~$ adb shell dumpsys gfxinfo com.jeffboody.GearsES2eclair
Applications Graphics Acceleration Info:
Uptime: 538024 Realtime: 538024

** Graphics info for pid 6374 [com.jeffboody.GearsES2eclair] **
Profile data in ms:

View hierarchy:

  5 views, 0.00 kB of display lists

I’ve also tried enabling OpenGL traces, with systrace as well as logcat but the output is always the same. What am I getting wrong here?

That is strange, but I do not know how verify because I do not have an android device at hand. Maybe Stack Overflow or XDA can help.