TomTom MySports App

does anyone have a TomTom MySports Watch/App and could send me the .apk? I do not have Google installed and could not download the .apk with evozi or racoon.

I’m sure it’s possible, but not allowed. :frowning: (Google, ToS 3).

I’m not writing this to annoy you. I just try to make people aware that it is very complicated to download “free” apps securely outside the google framework … that comes with a lot more services than “just” the app store.

I wonder what TomTom will tell you if you ask, but I have the feeling that they will not care.

Also the google framework is very nice for commercial app developers … they get a lot more debugging info and feedback this way and an always working update channel. So they don’t like to hand out .apks outside the google ecosystem but it is possible.

I phoned TomTom and asked, they do not have it on offer outside of the App Store.

As expected. :frowning:

It’s very difficult to replace the whole google framework for complex apps. It’s not wanted by the developers and not by the companies, including Google. Google supports updates, complex messaging and delivers location data/maps, while tracking the users and their behavior. So it’s a win-win.

If you want to get “out” it’s best not to use TomTom software and to look for an alternative.

It’s easy to find download sources for the software you are looking for, but I’m pretty sure these sites add spyware to the .apks so I will not post links here. But you can find them just by using the info on the play store site.

The only way for you to do it “correctly” is to download it yourself with a “clean” tool like raccoon or gplay-downloader.

It’s complicated and it might take some reading. With such tools you also need to “emulate” your current phone.

This information is normally stored in the “build.prop” file on your phone. This info tells the app store (this information get associated with your google account) what kind of phone you have. Therefore the app store will only show apps that will run on your phone. It’s also based on your location.

I assume the problem you have with raccoon could be caused by this issue. A lot people do not understand how all this works and it’s complicated and nearly impossible to keep up with. There are no good guides and most of all that is “illegal” (according to Google at least) anyway.

But if you have paid for your TomTom watch, I don’t see a big problem here.